Saturday, October 19, 2013

What Should I Pray?

 When I came to know the meaning of “Prayer”, I was almost finishing my primary school and entering secondary high school. We did have a small session of prayer and assembly in our school every start of the day in which we actually don’t pray but we chant the every day routine prayer songs pathetically in the name of prayer. On the contrary I have to join my Appa and Thatha (grand father) in an elaborative “clean the diyas and idols -glower it with sandal, kumkum and flowers- paint a nice rangoli - light the agarbathies-show aradhana with doopakal (aarthi) and ring the auspicious bell ding ding ding (my favourite) and chant a long relevant sloka (of course from a hidden paper)” in my house for every authentic festival. I remember those golden days though I crib and whine to clean the diyas which are difficult to clean the oil content but otherwise enjoyed every moment of the pooja during all the festivals. During my school days, when I was young and innocent (???!!!), my daily prayers in my pooja room follow a common protocol,

  • Swami, Please at least one of my teachers should be on leave today.
  • I should get the easiest question in the surprise rapid fire round.
  • The class test should be postponed due to unknown reasons.
  • My Dad should bring box full of yummy cakes when he returns back from office.(This specific prayer was been granted n number of times)
  • Finally, School should be declared leave due to heavy rain. (Oh please rain heavily until they declare). 

When I somehow entered college, the protocol never changed only with minor change in the relevant attributes.

  • Swami, at least two of my faculties should be on leave and we should get one free period.
  • No surprise test at all.
  • I shall bunk the class but still I should be in good books of the faculty.
  • Finally, senior students should plan for a surprise strike demanding for tasty food in hostel mess. ( Fortunately, the Almighty answered this particular prayer one fine day)

Phew……I really had great reasons to pray then. 

I came to know the seriousness and severity of “Prayer” when I was forced to face the battle of Life. 

I prayed each and every minute from the bottom of my heart and top of my brain when I underwent a sequence of strenuous written exams and interview to get placed in a good company. 

I prayed to all the forms of God from all over the world to marry the one whom I loved the most. 

The ultimate prayer happened when I literally begged to the Almighty with all my cells of my body to give me mental and physical strength to face the painful stages of delivery and to carry a healthy baby girl in my hands.

God answered all my heartfelt prayers. I still keep praying daily for all silly and petty things. I am sure my daughter will follow me and her daughter too. It is in our hands to pass on the tradition and rituals to our future generation. Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack (available online from comes with the sloka CD, pooja ingredients and most importantly instruction booklet. It is an ideal gift for this Diwali which can be given to our younger generations so that they could do the pooja under parental supervision and learn the tradition as well. I am sure my daughter would be excited with this gift and I am damn sure that she would be having her own list of silly and naughty prayers.

Almost everything related to pooja is available in Though I wish there is a “Cleansing pack” which has scrubber, cleansing powder or liquid specifically to clean the silver and bronze idols, diyas. Hope my prayer gets answered!!

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