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Raja Rani - Review

Costume of all the characters were awesome. Sathyaraj's characterisation was excellent. Father-Daughter duo of nayan-sathyaraj was so sentimental and it will sure bring tears in ur eyes in the first half. I enjoyed the detailing and naughtiness of the first half ie., Nayan-Jai love story. All the houses shown in this movie were good in interior design and extavagant and luxurious. It was a treat to the eye watching beautiful heroines, handsome hero (even sathyaraj looked handsome) wearing great costumes throughout the movie. Nayanthara has acted really good. I never know that she could be so expressionable. Nasriya was so cute. All the characters were shown in close up shots throughout the film. This gives a good impact for the viewers. The slow motion sequence of the accident was terrifying and it actually made the viewers experience on "What will happen to a human body when accident happen". Screenplay of the movie is commendable and it is the backbone of the entire movie. I really enjoyed the blooper bit shown in the last two minutes more than the actual movie. Dialogues were so sensible and realistic.
My Favourite dialogue by nayan to Aarya
""Eppovum nan enna solla varenney kavanikatha. Neeya yetho onnu nenachu neeye onnu mudivu panni yethavathu panniko" - This statement is too true to the core.
Overall it was a feel good film to watch.

Raja Rani is a double sequenced "Mouna Ragam". It reminds a lot of Mouna Ragam. Most of the viewers could easily assume the second half story. The second half didnt make a great impact at all. Nayanthara had too much of make up. A patient who recently suffered a stroke and admitted in ICU cannot be that fresh and with full make up and hair do. That was so artificial and it sometimes lowers the seriousness of the scene. The entire second half and climax of the film was predictable.

Pregnancy and Mood Swings


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 As the old saying goes "Pregnancy is a rebirth for every woman" I would say "It is a battle a woman faces every time to bring a new life into the world”
When a girl becomes pregnant, she undergoes a tremendous change in all dimensions of her life especially her thoughts. She is often bumped with questions like
 “What is happening to my body?”
“Is this me talking or the hormones talking?”
“Why am I getting weird fantasy dreams?”
“Why am I crying for no reasons?”
“Why am I angry all the time?”
“Who am I?”
It happens with every girl who undergoes the big long journey of motherhood.
If you are pregnant you might experience any or all the following happenings.

  1. In the first trimester, it is common to suffer with morning sickness. Your taste buds take up a different job of tasting entirely different and your digestive system rejects what ever arrives inside. Though it is very difficult to eat up to the expectation, better try to keep something in the tummy. You might very often find yourself sleepy in the day time and wide awake in the night time. Your mood will be very low and you would have started thinking “Pregnancy is not easy at all”.  These times you should keep yourself cheered up by doing things which ever you might be interested like reading books, hearing music or even joining pregnancy forums in the web.
  2. The second trimester is the best and interesting phase since you would have got ridden of most of the morning sickness. Your energy levels will be up and you might even get fantasy and weird dreams which you have not experienced so far. These dreams are mostly because of the pregnancy hormones. You might feel very sensitive to trivial issues. Small misunderstandings get amplified and give a lasting impact in your brain. This is the phase you should be patient, put all the blame on the pregnancy hormones and be peaceful. Most of the women at this stage face a lot of mental trauma that too in Indian families. Though Indian women are meant to have the maximum threshold in handling relationship issues, you should refrain yourself from all the problems and give a “deaf ear” to the surroundings. This will keep you and your baby sane. If the problems are too endangering, better to get away from the atmosphere temporarily which keeps the situation boiling. Once you are out of the problematic environment, you might think more placidly and you will be able to prioritize appropriately. Most of the problems will be solved when it is approached from out of the box.
  3. The third trimester goes like “I want to see and hold my baby”. All these three months are mostly on “Baby thinking”. You might feel very tired even to sit and stand. You always pretend yourself carrying the baby and watch your “bulging tummy” in your shadow. You would have started reading on “delivery stories” and get emotional on seeing any thing related to baby. You will be directing your own delivery sequences in your mind. Finally the big day arrives and you actually hold your precious baby with all the pain in your body.
  4. Disclaimer: This article does not have any medical evidence. This article is based on general experience of pregnant women.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Monthly Budget Plan for a normal Indian family

Are you a person in a family who is paying a major part of the salary as EMI and keep thinking "When does this going to end?"?
Are you the person who thinks more than twice before shopping anything for you or for
your family members and still wonder "Where does our salary go?" every month?
Here is a solution to actually analyze the monthly income and expenditure happening in a normal "EMI paying family", plan to save and invest optimally.
Once the salary is received every start of the month disintegrate it under the below said categories. It can be either done in an excel sheet or a simple account notebook.

Static expenses
    List the expenses which are fixed for every month. These static expense parameters are almost the same throughout the year. So it may include expenses like
•    EMI
•    Insurance paid for the family members or vehicle.
For easy reference maintain a calendar separately in the back of the accounts notebook or a separate excel and note down the amount to be paid for every month for each family members. This may be monthly or term or annual payment. So each month you might be paying for at least one of your family members. Adjust maximum payment in the month where you might get the maximum salary with arrears or reimbursement money or bonus compensation so that it does not affect other expenses.
•    Gold investment/Chit
Since gold rate is rocketing high, people has got the mind set to opt for monthly gold investment scheme or term investment. Some might even prefer to save money in the form of monthly chits.
•    Maintenance amount paid for the apartment association.
•    Electricity bill
•    Mobile bill
•    Internet bill/Television cable provider bill
•    LPG Gas bill
•    Maid salary
•    School Fees
This might be term payment in most of the schools but it is wise to allot one third of the fees every month to avoid the last minute shortage.
•    Monthly Savings
This is the most important factor which everyone has to ponder. Allot at least 10-20% of the salary as savings and transfer it to your savings account once you receive your salary so that this part of money is not available for you to spend. Never ever touch this money until and unless it is an emergency.
•    Credit card bill
It is better to have the credit card bill under static expenses in order to keep the bill constant every month so that you won’t be tempted to purchase more than the monthly limit and keep the monthly limit to the minimum. Also avoid using credit card in all possible ways. This amount is entered in the last week of the month when the bill arrives.

Petrol expenses
    Owing to the increasing petrol rate everyday, it is better to keep the petrol expenses as one single section so that you will come to know how much you are spending on petrol every month. This will actually inspire you go for car pooling or public transport or healthy options such as cycling.

    The better way is to buy groceries once every month probably the first week end of every month. Attach the monthly groceries bill on the corresponding month page of the account book or take a photo of it and attach it to the excel sheet for future comparison of groceries rates. Better buy vegetables twice every month in bulk from wholesale market available in your location. This actually reduces a lot of expenses every month.

Eat out expenses
    Once we start seeing our expenses which we spend for eating outside, we actually will start cooking and take home food or go for healthy and economic hotels. If you are really tempted you can go for an expensive hotel once in a month. Try to avoid frequent intake of pizza or burger since those are very costly and not good for health.

Medical expenses
    This section includes the unexpected medical expenses and vaccination expenses for the kids. Though this could not be avoided, we will come to know how often you are falling sick and we may analyse the root cause of it. It might be even directly proportional to eat out expenses which will encourage us to take home food often. It is advisable to go for Master health check once we cross the age of 30. This will put an end to our recurrent problem like frequent stomach upset or heart burns.

Entertainment/Shopping/Miscellaneous expenses   
    Movie ticket bills, weekend shopping expenses, gift expenses, travel ticket expenses, parking expenses come under this category.

Diaper expenses
    Most of you might wonder why there is a separate category for diapers. Diapers are one of the costliest and expensive purchases every month if there is a baby or toddler in your family. Once you come to know the amount you are spending on diapers, you will actually go for alternates like reusable cloth diapers or start potty training the baby which has been postponed so many times.

Most of the expenses are covered in the above said categories. They should be marked "cc" for expense spent from credit card to avoid double entry. Now at the end of every month sum up all the expenses in different categories and do not forget to subtract the credit card bill considering the credit card bill. Now deduct the expense amount from your monthly income. If your answer is positive, "Congrats!" you are a good financial planner and you have started saving and this amount and the Savings amount from the Static expense can be paid for the loan apart from EMI so that you could close the loan sooner than expected or split the money and keep it aside for emergency. But if your answer is negative "Wake up!” you should gear up and look into the category where there are out of pocket expenses. Those categories should be given a limitation from the next month. So if these rules are followed it is quite easy to lead a hassle free and contented life.

“It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.” – Albus Dumbledore

These words are my inspiration. When I started reading Harry potter i was not even in my early or late teens. I was 24 years old. I was awestruck when i watched the first part "Harry potter and the Sorceress stone" as a movie when i was in college. By then i was determined to read the book. But unfortunately i was able to get hold of the book only after i got a job. The book entirely captured my brain. It went to the extent that after reading the book, I would get dreams in my deep sleep (visualization of whatever i read). Sometimes even I get dreams which were not even in the book. Once i finished reading the first part, I rushed to the store to get the next and subsequent parts. Sixth and Seventh part was not published by then. I used to stack up all the books near my pillow in the bed. Once i am back from work, i have dinner and start reading HP from where i left previously. It would go on till i fall asleep. There are times when i use to keep alarm at 4 'o'clock in the morning just to read Harry Potter. Sometimes i could not stand the suspense and just flip to the last page and make sure all the characters are healthy, fine and happy. J.K.Rowling, author of the book has done a fantastic job of making the audience to be glued to the book until they finish it. She has actually done a great work of making young kids to actually "read books" who are otherwise busy with social networks. Hats off to J.K.Rowling! I hope she writes lot more books like this. I keep wondering the power of her imagination and the strength to actually put in in words and make a novel out of it. The characters Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione are going to be immortal and be loved and cherished by all the current and future generations.