Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gravity - An Experience

Gravity – A spectacular movie and one Hell of a ride.

Unlike other space adventure movies, this one is a very realistic space movie. With no extra ordinary sound effects (we cant hear in space), the whole movie was thrilling and made me literally float in space along with the other characters. Till now I was under the impression that walking in space is a jolly good feel and astronauts do enjoy it. They did enjoy until the accident happened. When the satellite debris hit the Explorer, Sandra Bullock was pulled out and revolving in high speed along with a bar. It reminded me of the scary rides in the theme parks. This one is million times bigger than the scary rides. I could not even imagine the degree of fear. There is no purpose of a watch in space. Amazing and deadly scary at the same time. Sandra has a timer to set up time in minutes for calculating the re hitting time of the satellite debris. The space travel and the typical problems they face have been well depicted. The psychological turmoil she undergoes when she finds herself as the sole survivor amidst the space has been well brought out by Sandra Bullock. I sincerely hope she gets the best actress award in Oscars. It creates a great sympathy on sandra’s character when she goes from one stray satellite to other in order to find a way to survive. There are so many things to learn. No atmosphere in space so no sound and the pressure is abnormal. She didn’t notice the fire inside the satellite and fire spread because of the oxygen inside the satellite but there is no huge explosion due to absence of oxygen in atmosphere. Absence of gravity is making her to spin uncontrollably. Too much of psychological stress leads to hallucinations. I thought George Clooney is alive for one moment though it hit hard in my brain that it is not logical for him to be alive. But I thought he gave up too early. I secretly wished that he too found a stray satellite and landed beside her but no he didn’t. This is what made the film so realistic. The title of the film is so apt and it is proved in the last scene when Sandra finally lands successfully and holds the mud as if holding a mother’s hand after being lost. It explains a lot – Gravity is one almighty force holding every life on earth and it is a unique force which is the sole reason for the survival. Humans realize the importance of something only in its absence.

Ennama padam eduthirukanga. Neraya padam eanda ticket uku ivlo kasu koduthu waste panni timeum waste panni parthomnu irukum. Sila time intha padatha tv la “indiya tholaikatchigaliley muthal murayaga” la podumbothu parkalamnu thonum. Innum sila padangal tv leye naalavathu thadavaya podumbothu parthukalamnu wait pannuvom. Ana romba sila padam than innoru thadava theatre la poi kandippa parkanumeynu thonum. Intha padam kandippa thiruppi thiruppi theatre la poi parkanumnu thonum. Innaiku than urupadiya rendu manneram olunga oru padam entha disturbance um illam parthen. First scene la kallakitanga….Ippadiyellam eppadi imagine panni graphics panirupanga. Ippadiyellam kooda camera angle vaika mudyumanu. Oru 360 degress rotation…. Appadiye boomiyoda alagana neela vannam innoru angle a azhamaana anda sarasaram. Boomi than kuppaya irukumna….vinvezhi layum kuppa kotrangappa.. Ithey concept a romba azhaga “Wall –e” padathula katirupanga. Antha padam super comedy…Ana ithu bayangaramana tragedy. Sandra Bullock oru valiya uyiroda boomiku vanthu erangunappa than namakum uyir varum.

There was a trailer of "The Hobbit" screened before the start of the movie.
While watching the trailer, a man with long hair appeared in the trailer. He might be one of the important characters.
Senthil: Ivana engayo partha mathiri irukey. Ivan yetho oru important actor. Unaku theryutha?
Me: (mind voice: Who cares.... I don't like Lord of the rings series at all because of the "Gollum" character which is very scary to watch with its eerie voice. Antha padathoda back ground history than "The Hobbit". Athula evan nadicha enaku enna. Since Senthil was asking i try concentrating on his face but couldnt, since my eyes automatically went to his long hair and with a long sigh I said...) Enaku theriyaleye....
Almost one hour of the movie over and in the middle of the movie,
Senthil(in a "Eureka!" tone): Nan kandupidichiten. Avan "Prison Break" la nadichaney...avanoda annana oruthan vanthaney..Avan thana ivan... Hey nan kandupidichiten.
Me: What????? (Mind voice: I was watching the movie with full thrill. Athula Sandra Bullock romba parithabama, break down ana bus la irunthu erangi adutha busuku pora mathiri...udanchu pona ava satellite vitutu inoru nalla russian satellite thedi apram athuvum udanchathum innoru chinese satellite thedi kashtapatutu irukka....Senthil ennadana....Intha car a vachirunthu soppana sundariya ippo yaru vachirukka nu kandupichiten rangeuku oru reaction. Iyyo kadavuley!!! Pala Oscar award vanga pora movie key intha nelamaya???)

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