Sunday, September 29, 2013

Raja Rani - Review

Costume of all the characters were awesome. Sathyaraj's characterisation was excellent. Father-Daughter duo of nayan-sathyaraj was so sentimental and it will sure bring tears in ur eyes in the first half. I enjoyed the detailing and naughtiness of the first half ie., Nayan-Jai love story. All the houses shown in this movie were good in interior design and extavagant and luxurious. It was a treat to the eye watching beautiful heroines, handsome hero (even sathyaraj looked handsome) wearing great costumes throughout the movie. Nayanthara has acted really good. I never know that she could be so expressionable. Nasriya was so cute. All the characters were shown in close up shots throughout the film. This gives a good impact for the viewers. The slow motion sequence of the accident was terrifying and it actually made the viewers experience on "What will happen to a human body when accident happen". Screenplay of the movie is commendable and it is the backbone of the entire movie. I really enjoyed the blooper bit shown in the last two minutes more than the actual movie. Dialogues were so sensible and realistic.
My Favourite dialogue by nayan to Aarya
""Eppovum nan enna solla varenney kavanikatha. Neeya yetho onnu nenachu neeye onnu mudivu panni yethavathu panniko" - This statement is too true to the core.
Overall it was a feel good film to watch.

Raja Rani is a double sequenced "Mouna Ragam". It reminds a lot of Mouna Ragam. Most of the viewers could easily assume the second half story. The second half didnt make a great impact at all. Nayanthara had too much of make up. A patient who recently suffered a stroke and admitted in ICU cannot be that fresh and with full make up and hair do. That was so artificial and it sometimes lowers the seriousness of the scene. The entire second half and climax of the film was predictable.

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